Price: $109.99 THE CLOUD
MSRP: $ 109.99

Run with ultimate lightness and intelligent cushioning. Built from Zero-Gravity foam, the Cloud unites ultimate lightness with the superior cushioning of 16 hollow pods for a soft landing. Cleverly engineered in Switzerland, the Cloud provides protection and comfort where others only offer lightweight. In other words: stripped down to the bare maximum.

Feel the combination of a soft landing and an explosive takeoff for effortless running performance. The all-new Cloud offers the unique On running sensation in the lightest model of the lineup. Run light, land soft yet push-off hard. This is the winning combination that leads World Champions and Olympic Gold Medalists to new personal bests. Everyday runners have more fun on their run. We call it Zero-Gravity Running.

Price: $129.00 CLOUDRACER
MSRP: $ 129.00
  • Offering race day performance, the ON Cloudracer is a nimble shoe featuring moderate cushioning and a semi-firm ride.
  • Feel light on your feet with this running shoe designed for racing and speed work
  • Experience a close-to-the-ground connection on each run with a 5mm heel-to-toe drop that transitions you back to the forefoot with ease
  • Enjoy superior, multi-direction shock absorption for a cushioned ride from 18 Cloudtec™ elements
  • You'll love the burst of energy you get when Cloudtec™ units compress, lock firmly, and create a stable base for take-off
  • Enjoy the plush midsoles, crafted from durable high-grade EVA for long-lasting cushioning
  • Keep your feet cool and fresh with uber-light Air Mesh uppers that let the air flow around your feet
  • Say goodbye to bunching: The perforated tongue is held in place by Intelligent Stitching to keep it comfy and light
  • Your heels slide in and out with ease, thanks to nylon webbing straps

Price: $139.00 CLOUDSURFER
MSRP: $ 139.00
  • Experience quick and fast runs with these lightweight shoes
  • Keep light to moderate overpronation under control for a more efficient gait
  • Reduce the impact and protect your feet, legs and back with 13 CloudTec™ elements on the outsole that absorb vertical and horizontal shock
  • Enjoy powerful take-offs when the CloudTec™ elements compress on impact for a firm base
  • Cushion your feet at every step with midsoles made from durable, high-grade EVA
  • You'll feel more aware of your feet through the gait cycle, thanks to the Flight Control Pad at the insole that enhances proprioception
  • Lace your shoes quickly and securely with the lightweight welded eye stay system
  • You'll notice improved traction and grip from the honeycombed pattern on the outsoles
  • Keep your feet dry and cool with uppers crafted from 3D Air Mesh