Runner’s Co. and its staff is dedicated to provide a customized service to all athletes, from the casual gym member to the elite athlete. We will help you get the proper running shoes, analyzing your stride walking and running motion, by videotaping you running on our store treadmill, to measure what level of support and motion control you need. The whole idea is to give you the most comfort without compromising on support, adding speed and lessening your chances of injuries. We carry in store all products you see listed in this web site, it's our inventory.

Our Fitting Process consists of:

  1. Biomechanics — understanding foot and ankle movement and tendencies using video gait analysis
  2. Foot Characteristics — looking at arch type, foot width and inconsistencies with either foot, and taking into account injuries and potential use of orthotics; we use comprehensive digital foot analysis to assist us with this consideration
  3. Fit, Feel & Ride — getting your feedback on how each recommended shoe matches your foot characteristics and how it feels while running or walking

Runners Co exclusive Fitting Process

Gait Analysis, Video Recorded, 2D digital scan of the feet, Custom molded insoles

Aetrex 2D Digital Foot Scanning + Gait, stride and motion analysis

This is our Gait and Motion Analysis Corner. Here we'll analyse the runners' motion, looking for any signs pronation, supination, arch movement, etc. All done in the store.

Gait Analysis