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Runner's Co. is a Doral-based company that offers specialized running, walking and training clinics to encourage wellness and performance in the corporate setting. Through our training programs, we strive to offer quality workouts, and rewarding social opportunities that motivate our clients to participate regularly in physical activities.  We serve businesses and corporations in Doral, Miami and South Florida.   


Runner's Co. offers specialized walking, running and general training programs for companies and  corporations who are ready to invest in employee wellness. We are proud of our partnership with the Southern command of the Miami Dade PD, regularly hosting running clinics for officers, as well as our involvement with select Army running clinics in the area.
Whether your staff consists of brand new beginners or marathon runners, we devise fitness plans to promote health, productivity and positive morale in the workplace. Employees adore working towards stimulating physical challenges while enjoying a unique chance to socialize with their colleagues. 
Training takes place at either the company or another convenient location around the city. Coaches supervise every session, in addition to sending monthly training worksheets to all participants.
If your employees feel inspired to sign up for local, racing events, we can offer nutritional support and more in-depth guidance. Runner's Co.. already boasts a strong presence at a number of Sunday events including the Doral 5k and Miami Marathon. 
Contact one of our trainers and we’d love to have you join us next time!

Training is the opposite of hoping!


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If you’re looking for a motivated, productive and faithful team, promoting your employees’ quality of life should make up an essential part of your company’s strategy. Healthy, thriving employees rely on their leadership’s support and solidarity.

Studies have shown that investing in employees’ wellness and work-family balance leads to rises in a business’s productivity index. When an employee feels motivated and valued both personally and professionally, they are more likely to make a greater contribution to the economic growth of their company.
Your company image will also benefit as people start to associate your name with health and wellness. When the general public sees your staff racing and training in your company sponsored t. shirts, they’ll know you’re a step ahead when it comes to employee health advocacy.  
For yet another bonus, flourishing and active employees have been known to call in sick less, directly affecting the company's production costs through fewer absences.
As you can see, the benefits of such employee wellness programs are nearly endless. Call Runner's Co. today to discuss how you too can incorporate the joys of movement into your company structure!

Running is cheaper than therapy!


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